Alice Bromage – Resilience, Leadership, Growth & Trainer Of All-Female Anti-Poaching Unit - Black Mambas

A resilience and leadership specialist, Alice deployed across the globe with the British Army for over 17 years, and continues to do so as a consultant.  Her passion is developing high performance teams that thrive in complex environments.  Within the UK context, this often involves helping businesses grow their profitability and performance, despite tough market conditions.


Alice founded Empowering Success in 2015, providing resilience, leadership and management advice and training to businesses across the globe.  Her hybrid knowledge across the security, financial, tech and conservation domains, makes her an ideal interlocutor to help bring these sectors together to create a greater good.


Alice is an Ambassador for the first female anti-poaching unit in the globe, the Black Mambas; who have received awards from the UN, Greenpeace and had a film made about their contribution to protecting the Rhino, and countering Wildlife Crime.  This year (2020) they were also part of the Apple 'Behind the Mac' campaign; championing women from across the globe that are breaking boundaries.  (


Alice has drawn upon the skills she developed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Sierra Leone to help train the Black Mambas, in leadership, tactics, performance development and empowerment.  Alice also utilises neuro-linguistic programming techniques, to help the Mambas stay focused whilst working unarmed in a high threat environment dominated by mega-mammals e.g. Rhinos and Elephants, and lions.


Alice has worked in counter-insurgency, counter terrorism and peacekeeping missions. Protecting wildlife, catching poachers and countering International Wildlife crime are very similar in their challenges to military operations.  Ironically, now that she is London based, she is finding that the traits needed to survive in the bush, are not dis-similar to those needed to excel in our Urban jungle.  This is also leading to an increased focus on developing the anti-money laundering capability focused on those funding Illegal Wildlife Trade.


Alice is also runs resilience retreats to Norway, South Africa, Jordan, Scotland and bespoke locations.  Anywhere you fancy going – she can make it happen.


‘There is always more in you than you think’.


Alice Bromage MBA, MCMI FRGS- Director of Empowering Success