Bianca Robinson

''I’m more than a consultant. I’m a business architect.

When corporations and entrepreneurs want to cement the foundations of their businesses, develop profitable processes, and build cohesion across their brands, they turn to me. They know I can show them how to create a sustainable business structure that runs as smoothly as a top performing Fortune 500 company.

That’s because I’m all facts and no fluff. I cut the small talk and get right to the money. I teach my clients how to develop simple processes in their business that will increase productivity and profit. But that’s not all. I also share my personal 7-year journey through full-time entrepreneurship with them. They get to learn in real time as I give them the pretty (and sometimes ugly) points of owning and operating a successful business. It’s one of the many reasons’ clients choose to work with me again and again.

As an MBA graduate, seasoned business consultant, and award-winning International Business Strategist and Project Manager, my experience comes right from the source. Before launching my own business, I was a Business and Project Manager at an energy engineering firm. I’ve worked with major corporations such as; ComEd, University of Illinois, Cook County Government, Mercedes Benz, and BMW to name a few as well as trained business owners across the globe, including Paris, Curacao, Nigeria, London, Jamaica, Kuwait, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Dominican Republic, and Canada. In addition, I’ve helped more than 700 (and counting) business owners build, streamline, and scale their operations to significantly increase their profits.

Today, I am the CEO of Cayden Cay Consulting, an Operational Management Firm. I’m also president of The Bianca Experience, my lifestyle brand. I merge these two brands to offer practical advice grounded in transparency and served in the form of storytelling (with a side of humor) to audiences nationwide. I use multiple platforms to engage my audiences in the topics on business development, social media branding, operations and strategies, and marriage and relationships.''

I’m a highly sought after, fact-based content speaker. I teach audiences how to diversify their business portfolios, add more streams of income in their business, monetize their social media accounts, and expand their businesses into global territories. I have spoken to over 100 audiences offering “Implement NOW” strategies that will impact your business and get you immediate results.