Dora Ziambra- Chief Operating Officer at Azimo

Dora joined the Azimo team in 2014 and brings a wealth of experience from across the financial sector. She’s also a passionate advocate of diversity within the FinTech industry and volunteers as a coach for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. Having experienced life as one of only a handful of female traders at various firms, she knows all about the importance of gender equality in the modern workplace.


As Chief Operating Officer, Dora has been instrumental in building up Azimo’s network of partners across more than 200 countries and scaling the business into new markets. It’s a constantly evolving role as the company is growing so fast – day-to-day tasks can involve anything from banking relationships and strategic partnerships to fundraising and international expansion. She now also runs the Risk & Compliance and Operations teams across the group.


Prior to Azimo, Dora has clocked up her fair share of air miles during her global career. She started out as a derivatives trader in Chicago, built her own options trading business in Germany, worked in international banking in London and Frankfurt, and joined a start-up advisory in Africa. Along the way, she has worked for the likes of ECB, Deutsche Börse and PayPal.