Sharon Ekstein-Chief Business Operations Officer & Chief HR Officer, Credorax

With over 20 years of experience in Organisational Development and Business HR, Sharon has successfully led the development of global organisations by understanding the unique needs of each business.

In her current role at Credorax, Sharon serves in two C-level roles, Chief Business Operations Officer as well as Chief HR Officer. She is responsible for overseeing global corporate sales, commercial accounts and revenue growth. In addition, she leads the global HR strategy including talent acquisition, compensation strategy, employee development and retention programs. Sharon’s deep expertise in business and strategic planning, best practices implementations of business processes and knowledge sharing have increased technical and operational effectiveness and efficiency across both start-ups and publicly traded corporations.

Before joining Credorax, Sharon served for 10 years as Vice President of Global HR at PowerDsine (Nasdaq: PDSN), a world leader in Power over Ethernet technology. Built from the ground up, PowerDsine went public and was then sold to Microsemi (Nasdaq: MSCC) where Sharon was a leading member of the international merger and acquisition team. Prior to that, she ran an independent consultancy firm that assisted high-tech start-up companies in building organisational infrastructures.

Sharon’s proudest accomplishments are her two children, raised concurrently with building her career. She believes that it is all about people and has created at Credorax an environment in which all employees continue to grow and develop professionally while building their family lives.


Today, over half of Credorax’s managerial positions are filled by women; and across all of Credorax, more than half of our employees are women, with roles ranging from risk analysts to technology engineers to new business developers. The majority of these women are mothers.  I believe that in order for companies to reach their full potential, a strong emphasis should be put on building teams with good synergy and good management.  We are building a working environment that creates growth opportunities for all of our employees. This is a key factor that supports Credorax’s success.