Sophie Blakstad

Following an early career in publishing and marketing, Sofie taught herself programming and business design, and subsequently spent most of her career building banks, including the first online bank for UBS. Having worked for eight major international banks in everything from IT infrastructure delivery to business transformation in 60 countries, Sofie decided the last thing the world needs is another bank and hence hiveonline was born. hiveonline is the financial trust platform making the future a fairer place for small businesses everywhere, using blockchain and ML to bring affordable finance and market access to unbanked microbusinesses in developing economies.

For hiveonline, Sofie has been invited to speak at the World Economic Forum, G7 and G20 groups and World Bank/IMF Summit in partnership with UNEP, where she is an advisor on fintech applications to sustainable finance, blockchain, identity and trust. Sofie holds an MSc in Informatics and her second book, with Rob Allen, Fintech Revolution (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) was named "One of the Best Fintech Books of All Time" and "One of the Best New Fintech Books for 2019 (Book Authority).